Wedding Limo Transportation in Houston TX – Where, When, Why and How to Hire

Things To Know in Hiring a Limo Service

Wedding transportation can be confusing, like figuring out how many cars you need, what kind and when. Before any couple hires for wedding limo transportation in Houston TX, you need to consider and ask yourself, where, when, why and how to hire before you sign.

Couples should start figuring out how many people to transport to the wedding venue or reception. Will the limo ride be only for the bride and groom, or including the parents, grandparents and other attendants? If you are on a tight budget, you may suggest your bridal party, the groomsmen and other guests to drive themselves. There’s the typical limo and the super stretch limo options now. The number of people to ride in the limo should be considered and who are these people.

The next is to consider why you will hire a limo for the wedding. Is it to drive the bride alone going to the chapel or to the wedding ceremony? Will the limo also transport the guests to the wedding party or will also serve as a getaway car for the bride and groom for honeymoon travel? If the wedding limo will take everyone to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the wedding party venue and then reception back to their homes, this is an expensive option. Ask yourself why you should hire a wedding limo.

When you should hire a wedding limo? Many would recommend 6 – 9 months prior to your wedding date. It is a good time, yet try to search a year ahead of your wedding. Begin your search early so that your selection of wedding limos will not be limited and you might be surprised of the limo package if you book in advance.

Hiring wedding limo transportation in Houston TX is neither an easy nor a difficult task just like hiring an awesome wedding photographer. It is a confusing and challenging decision to make, as part of your wedding planning and most especially for those who are in a budget and looking forward for the success of their wedding day.

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