Most Unique Hindu wedding Ideas for an Indian Bride

Stunning Hindu wedding ideas

An Indian wedding is not just a simple ceremony. It is an extravaganza much more than conventional rituals which involve music, dances, drama and bonding of two families for generations to come.  Hindu weddings are probably the most precious celebration not only in the lives of the bride and groom; it is the most luxuriant affair of their lives. There are a lot of Hindu wedding ideas that the bride can do.

Cheer and clap – The bride was initially hidden behind a stole while some girls entered dancing on the tunes of a Tamil song. The curtain was raised and the bride was seen doing marching steps. A guy comes in from the opposite side all dressed up in trendy outfit. You need to choose your entry song carefully. You can go for your all-time favorite music and dance to them.

Just like a princess – The bride is escorted by her brothers into the ceremony and is treated like a princess who must be kept protected from the rain, dust and anything that could harm her on her big day.

Dance your way – The guests and her close friends can be encouraged to participate in a group dance preparation. Even the bride can join by dancing her way to the mandap.

Spotlight – These Hindu wedding ideas involve all the guests present at the Indian weddings in USA ceremony. They bring lighting paper lanterns as soon as they enter the venue. All guests should make a wish for the celebrated couple. It is a great way of taking their blessings in the most affable way possible. They also make a good wedding photos.

Light the lamps – The bride’s sisters and close friends can carry decorative lamps in their hands. This can be done by dimming the ambient lights which also makes the bride look beautiful and gorgeous.

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