Top Cookie Flavors For Houston Wedding Showers and Other Parties

Flavored Cookies for Wedding

Cookies are very popular not only to kids. In recent years this treat become part of wedding industry. More and more couples and becoming obsessed with cookies. There are various types of cookies that can be serve to your guests at the wedding. Wedding cookies in Houston, TX evolve from simple vanilla cookies to flavored based. Some of these treats are adopted from other countries in order to cater curious people.

4Fortune Cookies

Probably this is one of the most popular cookies in the world. They are often sold in Chinese restaurant and perfect treat as well as entertainment to the guests. It comes with message or fortune inside. Originally fortune cookies are from mooncakes but evolve to cookies as time goes by. If you will be having an Asian theme wedding then this treat is perfect for wedding cookies in Houston, TX.

Chocolate Chip

This is not new in many parties because they are so popular in western culture. However, this kind of wedding cookies in Houston, TX is said to be all time favorite which makes them as perfect treat in any party apart from wedding. This can be paired with milk for kids and tea for adults. They can be perfect favor too. All you need is to wrap them in a decorative wrapper and tied in ribbon. If you want to give huge amount of cookies then a to-go-box will do the job.

Sugar Cookies

This is the easiest cookie to make because of its simple ingredients. It is popular to many people who want to taste the simple sweetness of the cookie. They can be serve in wedding as form of dessert. This cookie won’t cost you a fortune so if you are planning to have affordable wedding then this cookie is for you.

Peanut butter cookie

Just like the chocolate chips this type of wedding cookies in Houston, TX is very popular in many western people. This cookie is very common in many bakeshops and pastry shops. Sometimes peanut butter is incorporated with banana which become peanut butter – banana cookies. This idea are actually being experimented by modern bakers who want to add wackiness to the flavor. Some guests may enjoy it if topped with jam.

Whatever flavor you want to put into your wedding cookies in Houston, TX you should always consider the availability of the ingredients. Don’t allow artificial flavoring because it will affect the quality of the cookies. Make sure to also hire a photobooth on your wedding day.

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