The Best Approaches in Choosing the Date of Your Wedding

Practical Tips When Picking a Wedding Date

wedding planningAfter your engagement, the next big thing that you’ll be deciding on is the date of your wedding. Picking the exact date of your wedding is one of the most important things that you’ll be deciding in your life. This is because the time of the year of your wedding ceremony has a big impact to the overall preparations and organizations that you’ll be doing. Now, you might be asking yourself “How do I start choosing the date of my wedding?”

Follow these steps to come up with the best date for your wedding event.

First and foremost, take the weather condition into consideration. Depending on where you’re living, the most popular months that the majority of couples tie the knot are the months of June until October. You or you may not follow the crowd but on these months of the year, the weather is simply beautiful and conducive to host any type of event.

Second, take note of the off-season sale of your wedding needs. This is especially helpful to couples who are getting married on a shoestring. Like mentioned above, the months of June to October are famous for weddings but the prices of wedding vendors are also high. So if you’re on a budget, the months of January to March are the best times of the year to settle down considering the limited source of your budget.

Third, create a list of what you envision for your wedding day. Are you seeing a lush garden as the backdrop of your wedding? If so, you can only enjoy this scenery during the time of spring or summer. On the contrary, if you’re dreaming of a white wedding with the snow falling outside, the winter season is the most perfect time of the year to make this dream come true.

Fourth, think twice when you’re thinking of getting married on the day of a major holiday. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, or New Year’s Eve, these major holidays calls for a much higher wedding cost. Besides you can’t expect all the people listed on your wedding guests show up since most of them are scheduled to celebrate these holidays with their families or somewhere else.

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