Popular Flavors of Pies in Houston, TX Chosen by Wedding Couples

Wedding Pie Flavors

Pies are served in many occasions, because it is indeed an all-time favorite dish. Whatever flavor or filling that awaits you, it will bring you back memories of your childhood. Most probably your grandmother has an original recipe of her famous pie. Typically, it becomes a family heirloom being passed through generations and prepared during family gatherings like weddings.

wedding cheesecakesWhile there are famous and more modern savory pie flavors now, many couples still opt for the all-time flavors for wedding pies in Houston, TX. A wedding cake, two or three tiered and with white frosting, is not really necessary. But if you want to serve sweet treats aside from the wedding cake, a fruity or savory pie is a good option.

One of the popular flavors, especially in a summer wedding, is the peach pie. Be surprised with the sweet smell and taste of peaches after slicing into this delicious pie. This can be prepared in advance or you can order from your local baker.

Another all-time favorite pie flavor is the chocolate cream pie. Chocolate may not be advisable to be served when the weather is scorching warm. Yet, there is nothing wrong to serve this dreamy and creamy dessert on your wedding day. If many wedding couples have served this on their wedding, why can’t you?

Of course who would ever reject the idea of serving the classic pecan pie? You can always find a plate of pecan pie in a family gathering like weddings. Many have actually added some more to the traditional recipe, like chocolates. Eventually, couples prepared and served chocolate pecan pie. It has a fudgy texture, but the difference is the deep flavor from the chocolate.

Be prepared of what to serve on your wedding day. Wedding cakes can be fussy, but serving wedding pies in Houston, TX can make your celebration more of a down-home feel. Pies are also perfect if you want to achieve that vintage type wedding photographs.

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