Online Sites for Wedding Photography Storage in NYC that are Perfect for Newlyweds

Strategy to Backup Wedding Image Files Online

Once the wedding celebration is over, wedding couples are looking forward for their honeymoon getaway. For couples who are planning to postpone it next year or next month, they probably can’t wait to see their wedding photographs. Many photographers nowadays include in their packages a digital copy of their client’s pictures in a form of USB drive, CD or DVD. Consequently, couples are free to choose the images they would like to send out their family and friends especially pictures where they worn their elegant wedding gown and suit.

However, one of the common issues that many couples encounter when they get a copy of their images through digital format is keeping them safe. USB drives can get corrupted in no time especially when used often. The same thing happens for CD and DVDs so eventually many couples thought of wedding photography storage in NYC through online.

One of these online cloud storage platforms is the Google Drive. It is for free and can store any file formats, whether large size images or videos. For files that has different format, the drive has a tool that can convert to Google-friendly format. While you are allowed to save all the images from your wedding, you have the option to upgrade to 25GB for a corresponding fee a month.

Of course, the most popular among users since then is the DropBox. When you are fond of taking pictures using your phone, you can instantly upload and save your wedding images on your DropBox account. Maximum storage capacity for free account is only 2GB, but it will be worth your money to spend around $10 a month to get 50GB more data storage as wedding photographers in NYC suggested.

You may be an Apple brand fan, so the iCloud is the ideal choice to get all your wedding photographs saved and secured. Any pictures taken from your Apple devices, as long as it is sync together, it will be saved automatically on your Apple account. The 5GB free storage might not be enough for couples who have a copy of more than a thousand wedding photographs. You can purchase for additional 10GB which will cost you $20 per year. You have plenty of online site options for NYC wedding videographer.

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