How to Make a Multicolor Flower Arrangement in Houston TX Weddings

Steps in Making a Multicolor Flower Arrangement

Couples have a lot of time spent brainstorming on how they will be able to make a unique wedding that will stand to be different from the rest as much as possible. They do a lot of research, sorting and classifying the different weddings that have already gone and compare it to their own dream wedding.

In Houston TX weddings, multicolor flower arrangements is one thing that could make the wedding look unique. Whatever the theme is and wherever the wedding venue setting would be, multicolor flower arrangements in Houston TX are preferred because they uniquely blend in the surroundings and they provide a fresh different look.

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It gives off a different look because usually, wedding prefer motifs like uniform colors of white, pink, lavender, green, red, yellow, etc that looks perfect in video and wedding photos. All of the colors used in motifs are uniform from each other and combinations or multicolor is not an option. To achieve a multicolor flower arrangement, here are certain steps to do.

Use Neutral and Vibrant Colors

Neutral and vibrant colors would be both used to contradict and compliment each other. Color blocking style is used so that the colors will be emphasized instead of blending in together. The vibrant colors will add liveliness and joy to the surroundings while the neutral colors will moderate and have a balancing effect.

Choose Variety in Flowers

The flowers used should also be a variety. They should differ in size, shape, texture from each other. It is also possible to use a uniform flower type but it will not look as good as the expected design. The uniform type of flower with different colors will not add a lot of emphasis to the wedding, find out more about flowers.

Maintain Freshness

Since you are dealing with many flowers and a lot of color types, the fresh look of each and every one of them should be ensured. If only one color or flower type will look bad and will slowly wither, it will surely ruin the whole flower arrangement involved.

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