How to Have a Fairytale Wedding Inside a Royal Wedding Ballroom in Los Angeles, California

Enchanting Royal Wedding Ballroom

A wedding is definitely one of the most memorable moments in a woman’s life. This is why women make sure that their dream wedding will surely come true. In the realization of their dreams, choosing a theme that they dreamt of is one of the most exciting part.

A fairytale-like wedding is one of the most chosen wedding themes and very popular for creative wedding photography. This is because many women believe in “living happily ever after.” To help you start your royal wedding preparations, check this out.

Send your invitations in scrolls. In the medieval times, scrolls were used by royalties to send a message or invite somebody to come to the royal palace. The rustic design and appearance of the paper will surely impress your wedding guests. In writing your invitation, use a script that best depict that scripts that were used during the medieval times.

Like the commonly depicted venues in storybooks, choose a royal wedding ballroom in Los Angeles, California. If your budget allows, choose an old castle or a mansion with large staircases and banisters. Places with large entrance doors and a vast garden is perfect for a bride to have a grand fairytale entrance.

wedding ballroomRegardless of wherever your venue is, make sure that you exude that fairytale wedding by adding banners with a red cross, bows, ribbons and sculptures that depict royalty. You may also add an ice sculpture at the center of the tables and a cake topped with a glass slipper or a crystal figurine. You may also ask the servers and the waiters to dress like royal assistants to have a complete fairytale set up.

When it comes to the wedding dress, the bride should wear a grand ball gown and a tiara or a crown like those you can see in the official source. The groom can wear a black tuxedo and a jacket to exude a princely appeal. And the bridesmaids and the groomsmen can wear a medieval inspired attire to complement with the couple’s gown and suit while dancing inside the royal wedding ballroom in Los Angeles, California.

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