The Etiquette of Eating a Crawfish Wedding Catering in Houston, TX

How to Eat a Crawfish Politely?

Wedding Catering1A backyard crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is a unique type of menu that you can enjoy. It’s a beautiful part of the wedding that will surely be a tasty treat for all your guests. This is also great for your food photography. Sure, you can get crawfish at a seafood restaurant or buy a sack to take home for yourself, but there’s nothing like sharing in this treat with a bunch of friends and family on your big day. If you’re headed to a boil and you’re maybe a little uneasy about how to conduct yourself, here are some important ground rules to get you started.

Never show up without beer

This should be an absolute no-brainer. You pretty much hold your wedding event without having a six-pack or a bottle of something tasty. If you’re feeling ambitious, bourbon is always a great choice for slow sipping after the crawfish run out. And during the boil, there needs to be plenty of cold beer on hand, preferably something domestic and not too crazily over-hopped, since you don’t want to interfere with the flavors of the seafood. If your host has a heavy hand with the cayenne, you’ll also need a beer to help put out some flames in your mouth.

Greet the live ones

And respect the sacrifice they’re about to make to the gods of blessed wedding event — not to mention your belly. Since crawfish are boiled live, there should be sacks and sacks of live, wriggling mudbugs hanging around while the boil mix gets ready. Say hi to them and thank them for their service. If anything, it will maybe make you feel a little bit better before embarking on a wholesale crustacean apocalypse.

Respect the shift-system

If the consuming of hot boiled crawfish takes place at a long table, don’t be that guy who stays there the entire time if there are others waiting for a spot. Like in traffic, you should be magnanimous and waive them in, and they’ll do the same after their round is finished. Then keep repeating until you or the crawfish are finished. This is the act of respect that you should be aware about in a wedding event, try crawfish Houston Texas.

Pacing is polite

If you’re new to the game and maybe a little slow at the pull-suck-peel-and-pinch on your crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX, don’t put a mountain of mudbugs in front of you, because everyone else will be finished before you’re halfway through. And if you’re really adroit in crawfish eating kung fu, don’t eat all of them before the slower people get a chance to enjoy.

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