Champagne Colored Engagement Rings in Philadelphia, PA

Mix it up with a Different Colored Ring

When looking through different colored gemstones for engagement rings in Philadelphia, PA you will see a wide arrangement of different colors, one interesting color is that of a citrine stone and another is a yellow diamond, both really beautiful in their separate ways. Unlike fake diamonds (or cubic zirconia) these shades of yellow don’t give off the look of it turning yellow because of age, its naturally colored that way and paired with the right wedding band it will look awesome. Here are a few facts on citrine gemstones and diamonds that will help you to look beautiful in your bridal photos.

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The citrine is getting to be more common regarding engagement ring gemstones, and it is not difficult to see why. The yellowstone ranges from a light, translucent shade to a brilliant yellow or even a light, champagne tan color. The citrine is a kind of quartz stone, and with a hardness rating of 7, it’s just about impenetrable to chips and scratches, making it a strong stone for engagement rings in Philadelphia, PA or on other kinds of jewelry. With no cleavage, the citrines are overwhelming, very nearly impeccable, and regularly a warm, sunny shade of yellow or tan.

Stay with the diamond tradition; however put your own particular spin on it by picking a colored diamond. Diamonds rank high as the top gemstone for engagement rings because of their perfect clarity and gleaming shade. Diamonds are additionally the hardest gemstone, with a 10 rating on the hardness scale. Some shaded diamonds to consider when you are planning your engagement ring incorporate striking canary yellow ones, shimmering pink ones, or champagne colored jewels while pink diamonds are the most expensive.

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